Nibits for Newbies 4.3.16 Planting Seeds

If it’s SUNDAY

It’s time for


This weeks theme…

Gardening with First Graders!

This week we planted our seeds!

Now in NORCAL it’s getting warm enough.


We are trying


this year!

We wrapped our pallett’s with shade cloth to

hold the soil in.

Don’t want it to “leach” out.

So the seeds will go in next week.


individual seeds.

We recycle water bottles.

Cut them in half.

Turn the “top” portion UPSIDE DOWN

IN the bottom portion.

The bottom will hold the water.

I screw a string through the top.

The string becomes a WICK to

suck up the water to the roots of the plant!

Soil in the top, water in the bottom!


A little SUNSHINE, a “mist” of water her & there!

Hopefully…we shall see sprouts SOON!

I made some big ones too!

I will plant MORE seeds next week!

Try it!

The kids will LOVE it!


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