Meet Babbit the Rabbit!

Meet Babbit!

Tee Hee..
Just a quick introduction.
Wanted to introduce you to
Babbit LOVES to play BANG!
If you have NEVER played…
Print & laminate ALL cards.
Place ALL cards in a pile in the center of the group.
I have 4-6 players at a time.
Player 1 takes a card.
If they can read the word, they keep it.
If they cannot, it goes to the bottom of the pile.
Some cards have you pass a card to the left or right.
Watch out for the BANG! cards.
If they get the BANG card, they put ALL their cards at the bottom of the pile,
The winner is the player with the most cards when the pile is gone!
Here is a sample!
Available in my TPT & Educents Stores!
Hoppy Spring!

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