Old McDonald..Ahem…AKA Farmer Without A Farm…HAS a Farm!

Old McDonald…ahem…FARMER WITHOUT A FARM…had a Farm…

Old McDonald had a farm…
( Song will be in your head ALL DAY)
has made our backyard into a farm!
If you follow me…you know how MY farm grows!
(Type FARM in my search bar….WOWZA!)
The chickens are now…
(GREAT….Emotional UPS & DOWNS, LOUD squawking, EATING like PIGS!)
They haven’t laid eggs yet…BUT I AM WAITING!
Hurry UP!
This  is  RAPUNZEL ( granddaughter’s named her )
This is SNOW WHITE..I know…
SHE had Black hair!
Sunflowers in bloom!
Harvesting seeds, peppers, tomatillos…YUMMY!
Tomatillos are like sour tomatoes.
They add great flavor to salsa!
Pumpkins  (2)  have turned orange.
Little on on the ground, just lovin life.
NOT ready …YET.
BIG ONE ( 10+ pounds )  is HANGING around!
Started growing in the tomotoes, so we made a sling for it!
LOVED IT!  Growing happily!
( Until we harvest..HAHA)
So what do we do with ALL the produce?
(Actually,,,hubby does)
LOTS of tomato sauce, salsa, and spaghetti sauces!
Next…my mom gave us the most beautiful PEACHES!
We will be sharing them at THANKSGIVING & CHRISTMAS!
(I am thinking fresh peach pie…YUMMY!)
And so..
Our little  gigantic gardens continue to grow.
We anticipate veggies until Thanksgiving!
Love California weather!
( Well, almost…we would LOVE LOTS of rain!)
Happy Fall ‘Yall !

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